Brand Guidelines

The SAPI Brand Guidelines are outlined here for developers seeking to understand how they can leverage the strength of the Sensis® brand.

Your use of SAPI entitles you to utilise the Sensis® brand within your application. This will allow you to leverage the Sensis® brand as a quality & trusted provider of local business information.

In doing this, please note that at no time can the Sensis® brand be published larger or more prominently than the display of your own identity (or brand) within your website / application.


Below is a range of graphic elements to be used in applications that feature content or functionality provided through SAPI. The images vary from strong corporate brand marks to less intrusive options. You are free to choose any, depending on your application and size constraints (eg, mobile app vs. browser). The following option:  Powered by  is provided to be used in situations as detailed in the table below.

Option Low Res. StickyText
'Powered by:'

Used on pages where no results or listings are displayed. For example, below a search form.

'Powered by:' 'Powered by:'

Powered by:

Please save the images you require to your own web host rather than linking directly to the ones below.

You can also download a full ZIP package, including EPS and white/dark background varients.

Usage Rules

It is a mandatory requirement that all Sensis® graphic and text references link back to the Sensis® website at

We would prefer that you place the logo on a solid white background whenever possible, however if it must appear on a dark background then you must ensure the background is comprised of a solid colour with no patterns or gradients. Always leave enough space around the logos so that none of the edges are touching another graphic element.


We are happy for you to use the "Powered by: Sensis®" brandmark in marketing and promotional material about your application to indicate that you obtain business information from the Sensis API.  We are also happy for you to make public statements about your use of the Sensis API to obtain trusted business information for your application.  However, we ask that you don’t use our logo or refer to it in any way giving the impression that we are in partnership or affiliated with you, that we are responsible for your app, or that we endorse your brand or product.

If you are unsure of how to represent the Sensis® brand correctly, or your application requires a unique brand integration that we haven’t addressed, then please contact us at so we can help.