SAPI FAQs are outlined here for developers wanting to understand more about the business search API solution for Yellow Pages® and White Pages® Directory listings and advertising content.

  1. What is an API?

    The term API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a specification that allows external parties to interface with a particular system or service provided by another party, in this case, the Sensis® Business Search Engine.

    This means that you can easily access the Sensis® Business Search Engine from your own website or application in a robust and supported fashion. You don’t have to worry about changes to our website breaking yours!

  2. What if I can’t agree to the API Terms of Service?  

    Talk to us about your concerns. We may be able to come to a customised arrangement.

  3. Where does Sensis obtain the data within SAPI?

    SAPI contains over 2 million business listings sourced from the Yellow Pages®, White Pages® and Location & Navigation.

  4. Is the data available through SAPI the same as the data on yellowpages.com.au & whitepages.com.au?

    Primarily. However due to some commercial & technical restrictions, we do not offer the full Yellow Pages® & White Pages® Directories through the API.

  5. The listing details returned via the API are incorrect or out of date. How can I fix this?

    Sorry about that! As much we process many thousands of business detail changes per week, the Yellow Pages® & White Pages® Directories are not totally error free.

    To ensure we provide the best data possible to all API users, we suggest errors / omissions are best corrected at the source. Should you find any errors or omissions, please email details through to us and we will try to address the matter for you.

  6. Can I mash-up my own content with content provided by SAPI?

    Yes you can. In doing this, we ask that any content provided (or sourced) by you is clearly distinguished from the data that is provided by us.

  7. What applications can I create using the API service?

    SAPI can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes to help build applications that publish information to consumer end-users. Some sample applications are featured within the Sensis Developer Centre API Gallery.

    Further information regarding any restricted applications is detailed within SAPI Terms of Service.

  8. How do I "monetise" my application?

    It’s totally up to you.

    If you are looking for ideas, Sensis has a range of monetisation solutions that may assist – feel free to contact us to discuss further.

  9. Are there any circumstances where Sensis could terminate my access to the API?

    Sensis may terminate your access to the API service by disabling your API Key if for example you violate the Terms of Service.

  10. Are there any usage limitations imposed on me when using the API?

    In order to provide a high quality of service to all users, there are limits applied to the usage of the API.

  11. Why do I need an API Test Key and an API Production Key?

    Your Test Key enables you to register and access the API immediately in order to evaluate whether it is going to service your needs. It supports 250 API queries per day / 1 query per second.

    Your Production Key provides more of a "production-quality" service. It provides access to increased usage – up to 10,000 queries per day / 3 queries per second.

    You will need to switch-over from your Test Key to your Production Key when going live with your new website / application in order to enjoy the improved benefits that it provides. To do this, simply review our section on Production Keys.

  12. What if my website / application exceeds the API Production Key usage limitations?

    No problems, talk to us about increasing your usage threshold.

    Where your usage volumes are particularly high, we will take a broader look at the suitability of the API Terms to continue to support your application.

  13. Can I use the Yellow Pages brand within my app?

    Yes you can. Our brand guidelines provide a range of "powered by" branding options for your consideration and use.

  14. Where do I go if I have questions, feedback, or comments about using SAPI?

    If you have questions, the best place to start is to review the technical documentation.

    If you need additional help, or have feedback/comments that you want to share, please post to the developer forum.

  15. The answer to my question is not here. Where can I go for further help?

    We suggest you try any of the following:

    1. API Technical Documentation
    2. Sensis® Developer Centre Forum
    3. API Terms of Service
    4. API Branding Guidelines