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Hackathon Wish List

Are you planning to attend our upcoming SAPI Hackathon in Melbourne Nov 19-20? (If not, register now!) Perhaps you've been wondering what kind of apps you can build with SAPI?

We wanted to spark some ideas so our team put together a short list of ideas that showcase the level of SAPI integration that our judges will be looking for. Teams are welcome to draw on anything in this list and adapt them for use in the competition.

  • A ‘House Call’ app that identifies any purely mobile businesses within SAPI who are willing to come service you at your location, rather than you going to them.
  • A ‘Mystery Dinner’ app that lets you browse restaurants based solely on random pictures of dishes/interiors drawn from SAPI, you share with your friends and collectively vote on where you all want to go to dinner before revealing the name and location.
  •  A “Find Better Service’ app that lets you publish a business experience you didn't like, share on Twitter and Facebook, and use SAPI to help compile a list of alternative suppliers based on that business category.
  • A ‘Get Out Of Trouble’ app that helps you assess what kind of trouble you’re in, suggests some ‘excuses’ you can use to ‘explain yourself’ on Facebook, and uses SAPI to find a lawyer, accountant, bank, or whatever you might need.
  • A ‘Try Something New’ app that checks your FourSquare check-in history to identify businesses you visit all the time, and uses SAPI and other sources to find and recommend alternative businesses, so that you can break out of your routine.
  • A ‘Major Event Planner’ app to help you organise a major life event such as a birthday party, a wedding, a move, etc. SAPI helps you find businesses to service your event, and the app uses the API to organise and track attendees.

We're sure you can come up with even more innovative ideas than we did, so we encourage you to mash SAPI up with other APIs to bring your best concepts to life. Start thinking ahead of time about what you can do with SAPI business listings, and we'll see what you come up with on Saturday.

Also note that to make it interesting (and because we know you can handle a challenge!) teams will be choosing from a pre-determined short list of business categories on the first day, Whatever you create must work to support that business category. Categories may range from broad industries like  ''Entertainment' or 'Health' to more specfific business segments like 'Florists' or 'Hairdressers'. You won't know what category you get until you start, so be ready to adapt your ideas on the spot!

Happy hacking...