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Recent Sapihack Action

We've been exceptionally busy these last few weeks with three separate SAPI sponsored hack events to report on, which has resulted in many prizes being handed out. We're proud to share the results of what our community of developers and entrepreneurs have been working on.

SAPI Bounty#1: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Zombie Apps

We asked developers to use SAPI to create an application to help prepare for and survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. I know, pretty silly stuff. But our community loved the challenge, and jumped in head first! Some of the highlights were:

1st place: Zombie Survival Plan which is available on the iTunes app store.

Congratulations to @tomlongo who won the $2,500 bounty for his iOS app called Zombie Survival Plan. We loved that Tom created a web app to promote the iOS version. And in the end we all decided that his entry met all of our key criteria — good functionality, clean design, and in particular the simple interface was easy to use while on the run from the undead hordes! It was actually his first ever iOS app, you can read more of Tom's story here.

Honourable mentions: Zomvival Maps which is now available on the iTunes app store, a mobile website called Zombie Survivor, and a desktop web app called Zombie/Survivor Network. It was unfortunate that the app store release of Zomvival Maps was held up by Apple for so long that they missed the submission deadline by a day, meaning they were ineligible for prizes. However it's a gorgeous looking app and we encourage you to try it out.

One More Thing Conference Startathon: A 'stop making excuses and start making something' event.

One More Thing Startathon Apps

SAPI was a proud sponsor of the OMT conference, which brings iOS developers together to share tips, inspirational achievements, and war stories. After 48 hours of 300+ developers talking non stop about how and why they need to build more amazing apps, we announced $5000 in prizes to the teams who decided to follow through and actually build something. The catch was, they had 48 hours to do it! Despite having little preparation and no warning, we saw some tremendous app ideas come out of the Startathon.

$2,500 prize for 1st place went to: Maprécis is an HTML 5 mobile app, you can try out an early beta version of here. Developer @chaarlesgutjaaa impressed our judges with his fresh take on the traditional 'find a place to eat or drink nearby' app. In his own words, "Have you ever said to your friends "let's go out to dinner in postcode 3055 between 0 and 3km from here"? I'm betting you'd probably actually say "let's go out to dinner on Sydney Rd". I'm trying to take the technical out of the process here." Maprécis calls up hotspotted regions rather than specific venues. It's faster than searching, better suited for the small screens of mobile devices (deals with the 'fat fingers' problem of wrong clicks), and instantly obvious as to how it works.

$1,500 prize for 2nd place went to: Pizzap is an iOS app, you can see it in action in this video. Judges gave developer @amleszk the nod over some very close competition due to his richer integration of SAPI, he uses our metadata to specify different styles of pizza. We're hoping this one makes it into the app store eventually.

$1,000 prize for 3rd place went to: Two similar apps build by mates who shared a code base to create a pair of niche apps. Petrol Finder which you can view here, and Love Music which you can see here. We loved the simplicity and elegance of a consistent user experience with each app targeted at a specific niche need. We'd love to see these in the app store soon too! Congratulations to both @brentvc and @stefanchurch who split that prize.

Honourable mentions: Aussie Pub Crawl mashes SAPI up with Yelp reviewer profiles to show you who drinks near you, see a video demo here. Split is a tool for splitting the bill between friends when you're out and about, and Nrby is a very elegantly designed web app you can try out that pulls the most relevant listings near you rather than forcing you to search.

Random Hacks of Kindness: Hactivism to support local communities.

Reconomise Presenting

SAPI was a sponsor of the Melbourne RHoK event this past weekend, which saw over 25 developers come together to tackle the theme of 'Community Resilience', with a focus on disaster preparation and recovery. The SAPI team submitted a specific challenge to all teams, could they find ways to help local businesses get up and running again sooner after a disaster?

The winner of the $2,000 SAPI prize was team Reconomise, who created an online network that allowed businesses to post non-emergency issues that nonetheless required quick action so that they could start trading again and serving the community. Issues could be related to assets, location, or labour shortages and any community member or business able to help could jump in and assist. By helping to re-start the local economy Reconomise facilitated an important but often overlooked step in the recovery process for a community.

What's next?

We'll be taking a break from running or sponsoring hackathons for a few months, but we'll be kicking off the next $2,500 SAPI Bounty in the second half of June, so keep watching @SensisAPI on Twitter to make sure you know when it happens and what you need to do to take part!