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SAPI AngelHack Winners - Fairshare

The winners of the SAPI Angelhack Fairshare

Two weeks ago the Sensis API sponsored the AngelHack event, a 24 hour hackathorn to find the best execution on an innovative idea. We posed a challenge to startups within that competition to develop the best application of SAPI that they could. We offered $500 dollars to the team that produced the best commercial outcome for sensis listings and this ended up producing 10 users, with one winning team – Fairshare!

What is FairShare?

p- Fairshare is an easy, flexible and fun way to share tasks with your housemates or family through your smartphone. It provides households with a democratic platform to easily record who’s done what along with any financial transactions, making conflict and social tensions a thing of the past. It’s also completely free.

The Solution

What Fairshare built was an algorithm that automatically values and prioritises household tasks. It’s more than an intelligent task management and household finances app though - it learns individuals’ domestic skills, maps their household preferences, and subtly incentivises users to take on less popular tasks to ensure everything that needs to get done, gets done.

How was SAPI used?

There will be occasions when housemates may not be able to do certain jobs or simply need a specialist on the scene, which is where SAPI comes in. Fairshare will use SAPI to recall the closest service company, which may include things such as cleaning, gardening and take-away.

fareshare tasksfareshare bookkeepingfareshare profilefareshare priority

The best thing about this application is that it solves a real world problem for sharehouses and families with the ability to be customised for each household. It’s also beautiful designed, as the above wireframes illustrate, and super easy to use. You can register for a trial on their website below.

Thank you very much to all those who participated in the AngelHack competition and especially those that used SAPI to achieve an outcome. Also we would like to congratulate the winners of the SAPI prize - Fairshare - for their outstanding effort in producing such an excellent application in a short period of time.