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SAPI Bounty Winner!

Worried about the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Well worry no more thanks to our first ever SAPI Bounty winner Tom Longo (@tomlongo). Tom has created an app to help prepare for and survive a pesky infestation of the undead. Congratulations Tom!

We felt that his Zombie Survival Plan app met all of our key criteria – good functionality, clean design, easy to use when one is panicked and on the run from the undead hordes – everything you need in a good zombie app. And his integration of SAPI went beyond the iPhone app, he also used SAPI to create an online tool to test how ‘survivable’ your suburb is. All of which makes Zombie Survival Plan the most comprehensive tool to help prepare for and survive a zombie apocalypse.

Links to the winning app:

We want to thank everyone who took part and we hope you all had some fun. We’re cooking up the next SAPI Bounty already, so if you are interested in taking part in the next developer challenge be sure to follow us on Twitter @SensisAPI and stay in the loop.