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SAPI Cocktails Winner!

Seven weeks ago we announced our second SAPI Developer Challenge. We asked you to mix and match APIs to create your own crazy new API cocktail recipe. We offered you a $5000 prize for the most interesting mix up. And apparently we whet your appetite, because you guys served up some delicious apps!

After a couple of helpful extensions (everyone wanted more time to polish their entries!) in the end the final prize went to 'Date Planner' for Android. Well done guys!

Their recipe was: SAPI + Australian Tourism Data Warehouse + GoDo + Lasttix + eBroadcast + Google Maps = Date planning made easy.

Not only did the Date Planner team mash up an incredible number of APIs and data sources to score highest in terms of difficulty, their app was voted most practical as it helps to solve a genuine customer problem (as anyone who ever tried to plan a special night out with someone can certainly attest to.) The Date Planner app also had us excited about pending features that weren't ready for this submission, but promise to make the next release of the app even better. Coming soon will be the ability to take weather, personality types, and budget into account. The SAPI team are eagerly looking forward to future releases of Date Planner.

We also wanted to give a special shout out to a couple of semi finalists, who impressed us with their slick app interfaces and grand plans to incorporate more data and features eventually.

'Martini' is an iOS app that mixes up SAPI with a dash of Twitter to give you a bar guide that lets you see which places are being talked up online, and what's being said. Future enhancements include additional social media content from sources such as Foursquare and Yelp, and a fun 'Shaken not Stirred' randomisation feature.

'Where to Now?' is an Android app that helps you locate nearby businesses, and mashes SAPI up with Google Maps and Google Places APIs for ratings and reviews. Judges were also impressed with the way Where to Now? integrated seamlessly with the Android API to make use of additional GPS and phone features. The intriguing vision for Where to Now? is to aggregate as much rating and review information into a single overall score, making it easier to choose where to go.

These featured apps can be downloaded at the following links:

Thanks to everyone who entered, and make sure you are following us on Twitter @SensisAPI so you can be the first to know when we announce the next Bounty Challenge for developers.