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Zombie App Ideas

We hoped that by invoking a zombie apocalypse, we might inspire a couple of developers to get creative and take part in our first ever bounty challenge. Turns out, we didn't have to worry. With 18 teams signed up so far, it's clear you all care very much about protecting the human race from the zombie hordes! It's reassuring to know you've got our backs.

A lot of you seem to be working on a map/guide application for survivors, so give some thought to how you might distinguish your app from others. It might be a killer UI, it might be some flashy design elements, or it might be that you've mashed SAPI up with some other, unexpected API services. Consider your user needs... is your app meant to help users get ready before the zombies attack? Is it meant to help users during an attack? Or is it meant to help users pick up the pieces when it's all over? Each one of those might require a different type of application.

Most importantly, since this is a competition, what can you do to ensure your app stands out?

Our favourite twist so far? Probably the team working on an app FOR Zombies... because - as they said in their submission - "I'm pretty sure zombies can use apps, so we really shouldn't discriminate." Makes sense to us.

Here are a few more examples of what you guys are working on:

  • Name: Plan9
    Description: Allow the living to coexist in blissful harmony with the living dead in spite of chants of "Brains Yum Yum".
  • Name: Zombie Survivor (Survivor Zombie?)
    Description: A tracker for finding nearby supplies for survivors, based on their location and businesses nearby, and based on what they already have. Or... a tracker for finding nearby Brains Yum Yum for those survivors recently-turned-zombie, based on their location and nearby businesses. I'm pretty sure zombies can use apps, so we really shouldn't discriminate.
  • Name: Untitled Zombie App
    Description: The app will prepare users for the inevitable zombie apocalypse by generating a to-do list based on their location. The list will be populated with nearby businesses that can help with supplies. So while the zombies are all like "Brains! yum yum!" you'll be all like "You don't scare me suckers, I've prepared for this day!"
  • Name: iSurvive
    Description: This application will help the average joe survive in an undead world. When the dead rise, and they will rise, how will someone know how to survive in this deadly new environment? Through the Sensis API, civilians will be able to stop zombies saying "Brains Yum Yum" as they chew on their corpses by locating nearby businesses which may be of use to them in their survival. For example, one could locate a chemist for medical supplies, or hardware store for weapons.
  • Name: Where Iz
    Description: Can't keep up with killing those zombies? You need Where Iz!!! Find the nearest places to stock up on your essential survival needs. Explore the best hiding spots to get away from the daily grind. Connect with others who need Your Help! What do you think of that Combie the Zombie?..... "Brains Yum Yum!"

Please remember that this bounty closes on 9:00 am Thursday May 24, and your application must be freely and easily accessible to judges (ie. available in an app store, online at a publicly accessible URL, etc.) at that time to qualify. So if you have chosen to develop an iOS app, you really want to be submitting that to the app store soon in case Apple does that Apple thing they do and sits on it for a while.

Let us know how you are going, and give us some insight into what you are building on Twitter using #sapihack. Whatever back-story you choose to share... be it the development process you are undertaking, or your personal philosophies about the undead... your back-story will be taken into consideration when judging. We want to hear from you.

Good luck, and keep hacking!