Using Endpoints

An endpoint is simply a URL that you send API requests to. Different types of requests will have different endpoints/URLs.

SAPI currently exposes six endpoints:

Tip: There are more endpoints planned, such as an endpoint for fetching various meta-data (eg, Yellow Pages® headings). Keep an eye on What's New for updates.

Each of these endpoints follow a similar pattern: they all accept parameters in a similar way, and return a standard response message. See Common Fields for details.

Server Details

SAPI server name is and runs an HTTP server on port 80.

Depending on whether you are using a test or production API key, each endpoint URL will begin with:

Key Type Base URL

See: Authenticating for more information on test vs. production keys.

The 'v1' component of the URL is the API version number. If a new version of the API is ever released that is no longer backwards-compatible with the current interface, this version number will be changed. This is to ensure that any application designed to work with a particular version of the API will not be impacted by future releases.

For example, when using a test API key, the Search endpoint will have a URL beginning with:[...]