Common Fields

The following input parameters and response fields are common to all endpoints, both search and non-search.

Input Parameters

Parameters common to all endpoints:

Name Type Description Remarks
key string API key (required) See Authenticating for details.

Response Fields

All endpoints return a JSON response message that looks something like:

    "date": "2011-02-28T12:01:02.345+1000",
    "time": 10,
    "code": 200,
    "message": "OK"

The following fields are common to all endpoints:

Name Type Description Remarks
date string Date and time according to the server. Represented as an ISO 8601 date. For example: 2011-02-28T12:01:02.345+1000.
time number Time taken to process the request. Reported in milliseconds.
code number Response code. Indicates success, failure or partial success (see below).
message string Response message. Contains an error message (if any).

The values returned by the code field are endpoint-specific. Please see the documentation for each endpoint for possible values.

See also: Status Codes and Messages

If a validation error occurs, there will be one additional field:

Name Type Description Remarks
validationErrors array Validation error messages (if any). Returns an array of strings, one message per array item.

See also: Validation Errors