Filtering by Content Type

You can limit the results returned from the Search endpoint to only those with certain types of content. For example, you can request that only listings with a business logo are returned.

The following content filters are available:

Filter Description
shortDescriptor Return only listings with a shortDescriptor value.
mediumDescriptor Return only listings with a mediumDescriptor value.
descriptor Return only listings with a value in either shortDescriptor or mediumDescriptor.
businessLogo Return only listings with a businessLogo value.
imageGallery Return only listings with at least one item in imageGallery.
image Return only listings with a value in either businessLogo or imageGallery.
video Return only listings with a value in externalLinks with a type of VIDEO.

Content filters can be specified using the content parameter of the Search endpoint. If multiple values are given (ie, the content parameter is repeated) the filters are combined. For example, if you specify shortDescriptor and businessLogo, only listings with both a business logo and a short descriptor are returned.

Important Note: When using this filter the total number of listings searched will be significantly reduced (the actual amount varies depending on the filter used). It is important to be aware that search results may be less relevant, and that the benefits of only returning listings with rich content should carefully considered.


For example, to search for restaurants and only return listings with a descriptor of some kind:

You can also specify multiple filters to further restrict the search:

This will only return listings with at least one descriptor and at least one image.