Filtering by Product Keyword

You can limit the results returned from the Search endpoint to only those with certain product keywords. For example, you could search only for restaurants that accept a certain payment type, such as EFTPOS.

The product keyword filter is specified using the productKeyword parameter of the Search endpoint.

You specify the product keyword's field and value like such:


To pass in multiple values, repeat the parameter. For example, if you specify productKeyword=Brand:Toyota and productKeyword=Brand:Honda, listings with either Honda or Toyota will be returned.

Important Note: When filtering by product keyword it is important to remember that not all listings will have product keyword information, and that the number listings searched will be much less than what would be searched otherwise.

Important Note: Field and value in product keyword are case-sensitive.


For example, to search for restaurants that accept Visa:

You can also search for multiple payment types:

This will return listings that accept either Visa or cash.

Available Product Keywords

Product keywords are returned as part of each listing when performing a search (see Listing Schema). You can use the values returned in each listing as input to this filter.

Currently there is no way to discover all available product keywords, but we are planning to provide this functionality in the future.