Spell Checker

The search engine has a built-in spell checker. If a search query returns zero results, the spell checker will be run automatically, and the search will be re-run with the spell checker's best suggestion.

When this happens, the executedQuery field will contain the spell checker's suggestion (ie, what was searched for the second time) and the originalQuery field will contain the given query. The code field will also be set to 206 to indicate that the query was adjusted. If the query was not adjusted, both originalQuery and executedQuery will be the same and code will be 200.

Example search response showing the spell checker in action:

    "results": [ 
    "count": 20,
    "totalResults": 2962,
    "executedQuery": "supermarket",
    "originalQuery": "supemarket",
    "code": 206,
    "message": "No listings found for supemarket. Returning listings for supermarket."

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