SAPI incorporates a number of standard web technologies. They were chosen to be lightweight, free and easy to use.

All API endpoints use:

  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) as the transport mechanism,
  • and respond with messages encoded in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Each endpoint is called by using a single HTTP GET request, taking zero or more named parameters in the query component of the URL. The response, whether it is a validation error or a successful response, will be returned as a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) object. The HTTP content type of the response will always be application/json.

For example, the Search endpoint can be called by sending an HTTP GET request to the URL:

In this example, the endpoint name is search and is being passed two parameters: key, with the value 'secret', and query, with the value 'hairdresser'. The id 'ob-20110511' is the API version. The 'test' is the id of the environment to send the request to (can be either test or prod).

See also: Endpoint Reference