HTTP Status Codes

The following HTTP status codes can be returned by the API. These should not be confused with the code response parameter. See Status Codes and Messages for more information.

Code Name Description
200 OK The request was processed successfully, and a response message was returned. See the code field in the response for any other errors, such as validation errors.
400 Bad Request If the server is unable to understand the request, possibly due to a malformed HTTP message.
403 Forbidden The key parameter was not provided, invalid or access was restricted for some other reason. See the message provided with the response for details. This error can also be caused by hitting rate or volume limits (see Limits).
405 Method Not Allowed Invalid HTTP method, only GET is supported by the API.
414 Request-URI Too Long The request URI was too long for the server to process.
500 Internal Server Error Indicates a serious, unexpected server error. The request was not processed and no JSON response was returned.
504 Gateway Timeout The search engine took too long to respond, and may be experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.
596 Service Not Found The endpoint was not found (incorrect URL).

See also: Status Code Definitions on the W3C website.