Address Search

The Search endpoint supports a feature called address search. Address search allows you to find all the businesses at a given address, rather than the other way around (ie, find the address of a business). To perform an address search, simply call the Search endpoint specifying the location parameter, but without the query parameter.

The location given must be an exact street address, not a suburb, region or street name without a number. You can also specify the location as a geocode, provided that it points to a valid street address. See Location Tips for more information.


For example, to find businesses located at '222 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC', you could use the following URL: Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC&key=...

Or, you could specify the address as a geocode:,144.9656&key=...

This will return all businesses that are found at the address. Sometimes surrounding businesses may also be returned if, for example, they are located within a very close proximity. If this does happen, those businesses should be sorted to the bottom of the list.