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July 7th 2011

    • Robert Parsons
    • Topic created 9 years ago


    • Reporting: Added new content parameter.

    Schema Changes

    • Added: New property hasExposureProducts added to listing object.
    • Removed: Property urls from listing object (URLs are now returned in primaryContacts and secondaryContacts).


    • Fixed: Issue where URLs were not being returned in primaryContacts and secondaryContacts.
    • Fixed: Issue where some listings were missing geocodes or contained invalid geocodes.

    Known Issues

    • With misspelled and more detailed location searches you may get a 503 error. We plan to remediate this in our biweekly release at the end of July.
    • With some location searches you may see this json error below. The message means that the location part of the search did not complete in a timely manner and was aborted. We acknowledge that this message is not consumer friendly and will be remediated in our biweekly release at the end of July.
    1. { message: "EMS connection failed (IOException)", code: 503 }

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