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Whitepage/Residential Search

  1. When i used<env>/search?key=<key>&query=<query>&location=<location>[...]
    results are not the same as what returns.

    Is there a call to whitepage database instead of yellow page?

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  2. Andrew Callaghan7 years ago

    Sorry, no. The API calls Yellow and White Business data only with no way to exclude or include just the one sort.

  3. z21771997 years ago

    Hi Andrew

    can you please what went wrong with this search


    1 result found in 2011

    Search results

    Horne N (XX) XXXX XXXX X Springfield AvePotts Point NSW 2011


    $endpoint = ""; $query="horne"; $location="2011"; $url = $endpoint . "?key=" . $apikey . "&query=" . urlencode($query) . "&postcode=" . urlencode($location) ;


    Count: [2] Original query: [horne] Execute query: [horne]

    ======================== Raine & Horne Elizabeth Bay 184 Victoria St PHYSICAL Potts Point NSW 2011

    ======================== Blackthorn Resources Ltd Lvl2/ 80 William St Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 ========================

    Why are they not the same? because of the test environment?.

  4. Andrew Callaghan7 years ago

    The problem here is that the Horne N listing is a residential listing. SAPI only queries business listings, so it won't be returned.

    • Andrew
  5. z21771997 years ago

    Hi Andrew

    Is there a SAPI capable of return residential/whitepage listing as well? Thanks

  6. Andrew Callaghan7 years ago

    No, sorry. I probably didn't make it clear in my answer yesterday. SAPI does not search any residential listings.

  7. annthomas6 years ago

    Hi Andrew, Does SAPI now provides residential search with Name and Location? Found the above post saying "SAPI does not search any residential listings." , but it was posted on 2011 . IS there any update on it?

  8. Andrew Callaghan6 years ago

    Hi there Ann,

    SAPI doesn't search Australian residential listings, only businesses.

    Many thanks Andrew

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