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Overlapping / Duplicated Categories between POIs & non-POIs

    • AlexYap
    • Topic created 6 years ago

    Some of the categories as shown in category explorer appear to be duplicated or overlapping. For example, there are two groups of categories related to "hospitals":

    1. Hospitals & Clinics [2942 listings]

      • 16160 Hospitals--Private [569 listings]
      • 16365 Hospitals--Public [794 listings]
      • 47376 Medical Centres [1579 listings]
    2. Points of Interest [211530 listings]

      • 1007321 Hospital / Polyclinic [1325 listings]

    If I perform these two searches:




    I get a lot of duplications that are obvious via manual inspection. However, it will be tricky to programmatically de-duplicate them from the client-side as the POIs do not have aboutIds and their names don't neatly match up. In some cases, even when the street addresses match up, their geocodes differ.

    Similarly for things like "ambulance" or "fire brigade / fire station".

    Can something be done to clarify, simplify , combine or de-duplicate these confusing categories?

    Thank you.


    Message edited by AlexYap 6 years ago

  1. Sc077136 years ago

    Hi Alex,

    At the moment we don't provide a method to deduplicate poi's from normal listings through their respective categories.

    There should be some attributes to help you work around it that you may be able to identify, such as similar name, similar category name, lat & long, and perhaps some other identifiers. e.g. phone number if it is contained.

    We will look at what we can do about creating a deduping feature for both categories and poi's in the future, but for now it is going to have to come from the code base around the JSON you receive.

    Kind Regards


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