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Request for production key is not processed nor email received on status

    • studytechteam
    • Topic created 5 years ago

    Hi, We are from studytechteam representing our college and we are from India. We have requested for production key for our windows application "Business Analytics and Research" few days back. And I have sent a reminder mail as well as we are in need of the SAPI production key urgently. So far we have not received any response from Sensis end. Please let us know if we cannot get a key since we are from outside of Australia. But I believe this well known organisation would not ignore this request based on our location. Whatever the case, I request you to please respond and let us know the status.

    Most humbly, Hopping. Our Sensis user id: studytechteam

    Message edited by studytechteam 5 years ago

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