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Hervey Bay

    • GTM
    • Topic created 3 years ago

    The following API call returns the error: "The given location or resolved location from one search query is too broad to sort by 'distance'"

    Something to with Hervey Bay as other locations work fine. Reuqest URL is:<key>&query=&location=hervey+bay+QLD&categoryId=35491&radius=5&rows=10&page=1&sortBy=DISTANCE_ALL_PAGES

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  1. AlexYap3 years ago

    If you do not specify a query value and you want to sort by distance, then you must specify a location that can identify a specific point, such as a property address (e.g. 123 My Street, Hervey Bay QLD) or intersection (e.g. corner of This Street and That Street, Hervey Bay QLD).

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