Installing the Yellow Pages Simple Widget

Our widget implementation guide shows you everything you need to know about installing the Yellow Pages® Simple Widget.

The Yellow Pages® Simple widget is a "cut & paste" service that enables you to embed a Yellow Pages® Search Box within a defined part of your site. This enables your users to enjoy all the functionality provided through the Yellow Pages® website in order to find & locate a Yellow Pages® business.

Step 1. Choose widget size


Step 2. Enter referrer and location details


Simply enter your required information in the fields below, and we'll automatically generate your Yellow Pages® Self-Contained Widget in Step 3.

Your website, e.g.

Your location, e.g. Acme Council, VIC


Step 3. Copy and paste the code into your web page


Please Note The Yellow Pages® Widgets are designed and tested to work in the following browsers:

Windows XP/Vista
Internet Explorer


Mac OS.x

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